Tuesday, November 10, 2009

first craft fair ever!

i had my first craft fair ever, and it went ok!

i didn't know i was doing it until the day before, so i spent the whole day and night working on the stuff i'd be selling. i was really scared about it when i got there, and felt really ghetto but it ended up going well in the end. at the beginning i only had a card table and two chairs, so this is how i set it up.


a few hours later i got another longer table, so we put the quilts on that.

at least i got my name out there, and had my first experience at it. i'll know what to do better next time!

p.s. if anyone wants any of these, just convo me on etsy and you can order them (the headbands & flowers are $5, baby girls' tube dress with leggings $8, aprons $12, and quilts $20).

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