Monday, October 11, 2010


my favorite art time periods are rococo and impressionsim.  this wonderful necklace reminds me of the top right photo (one of my absolute favorites of the rococo period) and made me love it through the end of time.  it also doesn't hurt that my favorite part of parks are the swings.  my parents built a swing inside the doorway to our kitchen so i could swing whenever i wanted.  similar to back to the future (the first one), when the parents left the baby in the crib all the time because he screamed whenever they took him out and he later spent a lot of time in jail (aka, behind bars, just like his crib)...what would my profession be then?  a tester for these? (photo on right)  and, my kid's favorite part of the park is the slide so will the picture below be his passion?  wouldn't it be kinda neat if everyone ended up being what they loved when they were 2?  i guess there'd be no ditch diggers or garbage men, though--there might be quite a few farmers, racecar drivers, & superheroes (i'd have little girl examples, but i don't have a little girl, and i've wanted to be a pilot from the beginning of time, so...)

what would you be if you had to chose at 2?

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