Monday, November 30, 2009

1:51 am

It happens once a week--I just can't sleep, and I begin to fantasize about all the gorgeous creations I'm going to sew as soon as I finish the orders I already have lurking in the baby's room, anticipating construction. Fabric flowers; burnt ribbon; anything that can be conjured float across my imagination until I just can't lie in bed anymore and have to get up to work on current orders so one day I can finally build ces créations de beauté that spark in my mind.

So, here we are, 1:51 in the morning, and I'm getting started on an order for a size 15 men's slipper. How lucky he is that I have the conscience to work on his first instead of the dark silver, Christmas party dress that is awaiting composition.

christmas items!

i've been working really hard to get everything ready for "cyber monday".   i've had a lot of ideas in my head of things that I've wanted to make but haven't had time to create them until i couldn't sleep tonight and made it happen!  the party skirt is sooooo fun to just wear around.  if i wasn't afraid of getting animal crackers all over it i'd wear it all day.  also, the coat is to DIE for.  it is so comfortable, and so warm, and let's be honest--it's so pretty!  the flowers are also perfect to just add a little oomph to an outfit, and they're so classy!

i'm also going to be in a craft fair at the idaho falls lindon park (i think it's a middle school) on december 12th from 10-5.  there'll be lots of things and some surprises, too so if you're in the area, stop by!

anyway, look forward to more updates on what's coming up!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

first craft fair ever!

i had my first craft fair ever, and it went ok!

i didn't know i was doing it until the day before, so i spent the whole day and night working on the stuff i'd be selling. i was really scared about it when i got there, and felt really ghetto but it ended up going well in the end. at the beginning i only had a card table and two chairs, so this is how i set it up.


a few hours later i got another longer table, so we put the quilts on that.

at least i got my name out there, and had my first experience at it. i'll know what to do better next time!

p.s. if anyone wants any of these, just convo me on etsy and you can order them (the headbands & flowers are $5, baby girls' tube dress with leggings $8, aprons $12, and quilts $20).

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

headbands and clips!

in between working on some orders, i made a couple headbands and flower clips.  they are absolutely adorable, and will be up on the shop soon!

both orders of fabric have arrived today, so if you've made an order, i'm putting them together today and tomorrow and will be out to you shortly!