Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new beginnings!

it's a new year and among the many new years resolutions is keeping up with this blog!  there is always something i'm working on to add to my etsy shop and i want to keep everyone who likes my shop updated. 

first thing, as part of my Christmas, i got tickets to the people's choice awards.  it was my first opportunity to do anything like that so i went all out!  i made both my dress and my clutch, which i was very proud of, and the clutch is for sale!  it's made of black, faux leather, with off-white fleece on the inside.  there are magnetic clasps on the inside, but i can put a zipper in if someone wants. it's sooo chic and whoever ends up with it is a lucky duck! (see my shop for more pictures)

we're living with my in-laws right now (bummer, huh?), but something good that's come out of it is my husband going through all his old stuff and getting me great fabric to upcycle!  there are lots of dress shirts i plan on making some really cute tops with (big pockets are in store...!), and if i can figure it out i want to make some of them into skirts.  i also have a ton of fleece left over from orders, and so am going to make lots of flower pins (for hair or clothes), so that's coming up too!  we're in los angeles right now, so i have access to some GORGEOUS fabric, but trying to save money, i'm trying to stay away from them.  however, my birthday is coming up so i might be getting a hold of some lace and make some gorgeous skirts--i'm just dying to get them started!

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