Tuesday, May 18, 2010

um, are you obsessed with winco?

i had never been.

my man said i'd love it, and that i didn't have any idea what was in store for me.

he was absolutely right.

winco is divine...wait.

word: divine
definition: sanctified
synonyms: adored, among the angels, beautified, blessed, consecrated, enthroned, exalted, glorified, hallowed, holy, inviolable, redeemed, revered, rewarded, sacred, sacrosanct, saved, unprofane.

yep. all of those things.

winco has bulk candy. this is not the best section of the bulk. they have bulk quinoa, whole flax, stone cut oats, soy protein powder, brownie mix, and the list goes ON AND ON AND ON. everything is 10,000x cheaper than in all other stores, which means i got to buy 4 mangos, 2 butternut squashes (squash? squashes?), 3 lbs of yams, 1 jicama (did NOT think i'd find that one...), and SO MANY OTHER THINGS!

they also have a bakery section. this means that their wheat bread had 6 ingredients, and none of them included enriched whole wheat flour (i HATE trixy advertising...this means white flour). they also had black bread which we almost bought, but didn't. next time.

we spent $91 and we might not need to go to the store for 3 weeks (this is not an exaggeration). which cuts our grocery bill almost in half.

i heart winco.


sarah calder said...

Oh my gosh. What an awesome trip! I have yet to experience . I have only heard about how awesome it when the madre picked up some brown basmati rice there for me for uber cheap. Next time I am in town, I am for sure going.

Anonymous said...

i am a huge winco fan! my friends get tired of hearing it from me. so happy you could experience the magic too.