Friday, April 23, 2010


i was back-track-reading my missing posts on mackin ink (she's the outrageously spectacular writer for the sweeterie to go with the knock-out pictures), when i discovered cheeky minx.  it's a post full of pranks, including a note at the bank by a boy saying he was being held captive by a crazy lady (his mom...).  my mind snapped to my first geocaching experience a few summers back when a few of us were four-wheeling through the mountains and found a really old hunting shed.  inside was a canister that had a little notebook, and explanation of what geocaching is, and a little trinket.  you're supposed to write what you're doing when you find the canister, take the trinket, and put a trinket you have inside.  i wish i had written down precisely what the man in my life wrote, but i didn't...bummer.  this is it, paraphrased:

day 41:  last night was a cold one, and we don't think little johnny will make it through another night.  we found a mangled squirrel in the branches of a tree that we ate for dinner, but there wasn't enough meat to really go around.  poor guy, it looked like he just slipped and fell.  speaking of falling, susannah tripped on some rocks a few days back and her leg is now really infected.  we've tried to keep it clean but our rags of clothes just can't be sacrificed any further.  hopefully tomorrow will be a better day...

i don't even think we left a trinket--i just think we took the one that was in there.  great geocachers we are...

have a great weekend!

p.s. the reason this post isn't filled with how wonderful the trunk show was tonight, is because in my excitement i didn't realize until tuesday that all cities that start with "santa" in california do not mean they're near me just because i live by mexico...they have them all over.  this means that the trunk show was 6 hours away...i mopped the floor of spaghetti instead.  bummer.

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karey m. said...

SEE?! ANOTHER one that only YOU found funny!

i need you, for sure. we have the SAME sense of humor.

do you KNOW how many search teams your little note is probably going to send out?! ahahaha! brilliant!