Monday, April 19, 2010

yes, i do judge a book by its cover

at our library, there's a huge bin of board books that i mostly just sit by and pick out of to find books for my kid. i was looking for airplane books, but when i saw the color combinations on the cover of this book i just had to get it. His different reds plaid jacket (just looks comfortable, doesn't it?), his overalls, the lighter greens in the grass so Oliver stands out--it's just wonderful. those same facial expressions when he's thinking and crying, my kid makes on a daily basis, and the shape of his little bear body...they're right on the money. plus, i really like the story! but, i can't deny that the colors are my favorite part--it's just really aesthetically pleasing...

story by phyllis root,
illustrated by christopher denise (he has a super sweet blog, with reaaaaalllly interesting posts on his illustrations,so click on his name to check it out!)
i do not own the images, and do not claim to.

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