Tuesday, April 13, 2010

windows 7 was my idea...with solid colors

ya know those commercials that are "windows 7 was my idea" where the person in the reenactment is much better looking than the person in the commercial? (what a hilarious concept--good job on whoever came up with that...)  i am going to use that concept in this post:

i have come to the realization that all but 1 shirt i have is a solid color.  ALL BUT 1! I would say that the best way to show my usual wardrobe would be this:

therefore, it should not have been a surprise to me that when i saw MAAN i wanted it to be my wardrobe of choice for the summer...even though they're kids' clothes, the look is so fresh and fun, and even though i'm not going to wear short shorts (i would love to but it just isn't going to happen...), i would love to wear a skirt everyday or regular shorts...

as soon as i finish my current orders, i'm heading over to fresh picked fabrics in brea, ca and buying all the fabric i can to get these looks...i just can't get enough!  i look at the website (i'm trying to quit...) at least once a day to see if i can get some inspiration for my outfit that day, but i just need to hurry up with my orders so i can get started!

i also need to hurry up because i want to make something to wear for lex designs trunk show next thursday.  i've followed alexis's blog for a long time and i'm just so excited to see her stuff in real life!

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