Thursday, April 29, 2010

let's go fly a kite pencil skirt!

last saturday night, as i was thinking of what i was going to wear the next day at church, i could not put together one more unique combination with the skirts i have, so i decided to make one with some great fabric i recently got from fresh picked fabrics in brea!

i love pencil skirts with all my heart, but don't have a single one, so i decided that was the one i'd make! the one i made is very high wasted, and i also made it longer--below my knees (like the picture), in order to stay modest as my little one is climbing all over.

coupled with a mustard sweater, skinny pink belt, and a blue striped shirt (talked about here), it was perfect!

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Craig &/or Elaine said...

Remind me to show you MY pattern very similar to this. . . .