Tuesday, April 6, 2010

out to sea

why, yes I do think I will buy sandals made of rope (no sarcasm...)  these are gurkee

having already bought myself this shirt from h&m, and loving all things that deal with knots and ropes, and all navy, white, and yellow (or gold) things...it seems all things "out to sea" are right up my alley, or pier...

(one of my favorite parts about the necklace is that it has a "lobster claps."  I hope whoever designed it did that on purpose and thought it was hilarious because I sure do.) (both from anthro...)

oh my sea (not land...), and pirates...i totally forgot about pirates...

if you'd like to learn how to look "pirate chic," click here.  it leads you to wikihow.com under the title "How to Have the Pirate Chic Look," and step #1, choose the hairstyle.  what a wonderful idea...


sarah calder said...

Awesome! My favorite is that rope necklace....couldn't be too tough to make? I like it a lot.

Mila said...

Love it!
Beautiful blog you have here, dear!


Jane D. said...

lol if you're into that navy look,
i have a nautical style anchor necklace at my etsy!

but anyways,
i love the tutorial. "pirate chic"
haha very nice.

<3 jane